Sample Report

The following is an example of a reporting format that includes the basic pieces of information we need in branch reports.  Please feel free to add as much detail as you like, but at the very least please include the details requested below.

4th Quarter 2099 (October-December)

SCA Name: Mary the Friendly
Modern Name: Someone Anonymous
Branch: Barony of Awesome (Somewhere, North America)
Membership Info: #123456 Expires 01/31/2100
Address: 123 Main Street, Sometown, XX 12345
Phone: (123) 456-7890
E-mail Address:

Total Contact Numbers:
E-mail: 3
Phone: 0
Mail: 0
Demos/Event Walk-By: 2
Came with a Current Member: 0

Newcomer Participation:
People came. Stuff happened. They kept coming. It was awesome. I also got a lot of E-mails and I think the fliers we put up are drawing a lot of interest.

We had a demo. We’re planning another one. We did this awesome thing and it attracted a lot of people. Did you know people really enjoy watching dancers? I think we’re going to have dancing again at our next demo.

Media Contact:

Gold Key:
We’re working on repairing our gold key and finding a new inventory system. Three people borrowed outfits at Big War XXX.

Other Comments:
I’m worried about X, but otherwise things are going really well.